Art Workshop

The Art Workshop  is a great way to de-stress and boost your creativity at the same time!
This is the best choice for corporate training this year.


Drum Circle

The tone is an effective international communication method that knows no boundaries or cultural differences. It is a good choice

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Art4menu(Art for me and you ) with Japanese Tombow ABT double-ended coloured brushes, learning to use the brush technique, moving

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Stone Painting

The stone paintings are basically pebbles, no expensive materials, just plain stones. Depending on the shape, paint is used to

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DIY Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher Workshop – Dreamcatcher is a traditional craft of the 18th century North American Indian culture. In ancient times, when

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Sand Painting

Sand painting is an ancient and traditional form of artistic expression, dating back to before the advent of human language

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In the floating flower workshop, special mineral oils are used to preserve the dried flowers in a glass vase, so

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