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LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative, experimental process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. 


You Can Discover More About a Person in an Hour of Play than in a Year of Conversation.




LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® is an “innovation process” designed to enhance innovation and improve company business performance, and is an effective and innovative corporate training/team building activity. Research has shown that this hands-on, minds-on learning model is effective in helping participants to become more intentional and understand the world more deeply. The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® experience is an effective way to deepen the process of reflection and provides an interactive space for dialogue among all company employees.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative and experimental process designed to enhance innovation and business effectiveness.

LEGO minifigures

Build your way to success and achieve your grand business


LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® A powerful training tool to enhance creativity and increase the effectiveness of your business.

LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® course is a corporate training tool based on LEGO components and the LEGO Building System. At the time, the LEGO Group was looking for a tool to free up imagination and creativity in companies and realized that the solution lay in its own LEGO Building System: just as the LEGO Group has always been committed to encouraging children to build their dreams, the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® course helps every employee in a company to find and build their vision for the future through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. courses help every employee in the company to find and build their visions for the future.


Why do your staff need LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®?


1)LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® is an approach based on the fundamental beliefs of leadership and organization.

2)Leaders don’t necessarily know everything. Their success is based on listening to the voices of every employee in the business/company team.

3)Everyone is born with the desire to make a contribution and to have ownership of it.

4)The ability to enable each team member/employee to contribute and better create a sustainable business model.

5)Very often, teamwork does not produce the best results because the knowledge of the team members is not explored and shared.

6)We all live in a world that is complex and full of uncertainties, and it is difficult to apply any ideas to real situations if they remain on paper.


LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®activities/courses have 4 main steps, which are :


Ask questions to guide participants to connect knowledge and activities, inspire thinking and solve problems.


Using a wide range of LEGO parts, you can experience the creative process of using both your hands and your brain to bring out the theme of the activity in a more concrete and creative way.


Thinking, exploring and improving, having fun is a constant process of exploration, reflection and problem solving. Every step of reflection makes us better than we were before.


LEGO bricks were the common language during the event as participants showed their models and shared them with each other.


Corporate Training / Courses


LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY® is a set of guided learning, questioning, and discussion skills, which makes it the suitable tool for corporate training. It is most well-used in building company teams, discussing problems, and exchanging ideas among employees. 

We utilize the LEGO® bricks and system to present people’s deep thought visually and auditory. It requires participants to learn and listen others, more importantly, it empowers all participants with a voice. 


Team Building

- To understand the characteristics and roles of each participant
- To set team goals and achieve them
- To explore the potential capabilities and opportunities of the team and its members
- To enhance team bonding

Creative Thinking

Creative Thinking
- To connect hands and brain
- To give concrete expression to designs and concepts
- To inspire creative thinking
- To facilitate team communication

Type of activity

Static Activity

Activity times

Recommended minimum 3 hours per session

Activity space

Small activity spaces


Let’s Learn how LEGO®SERIOUS PLAY®


 use for Education in 3 minutes


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is not only used for corporate training/team building, but also for educational purposes, helping children/students to express themselves, share and so on.


LEGO minifigures

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