Mind, Body and Spirit Activities

In addition to the pursuit of advancement, work life balance and relationship building are also very important in the development of a team to enhance daily work efficiency!



Kickboxing is a great exercise for all ages, burning a minimum of 800-1200 calories per session and helping participants achieve a variety of fitness benefits from this group aerobic workout. Purpose of the activity: At the beginning of the training, there will be some stretching and tendon exercises, the instructor will teach different punches and kicks, and then add some different and interesting aerobic and muscular exercises, and also teach the students fighting techniques and arrange different students to practice together. Benefits of the activity: Teach staff self-defence skills, improve reflexes and enhance concentration and thinking skills These exercises are

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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is an emerging stress-reducing exercise that combines laughter activities, traditional yoga breathing, and acupressure tapping techniques. Led by our Laughter Yoga leaders, it is sure to clear the boredom of the day for all participants and bring positive energy to the workplace! Benefits of the activity: Laughing can release endorphins in the brain, which can counteract the hormone cortisol that is secreted when the body is stressed, thus reducing stress Reduces stress and increases work efficiency Highly interactive, breaks down barriers and brings colleagues closer to each other   Time: from 1 hour Number of people: 8 or

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Mind Magic Social Communication Workshop

  Life is too stressful? Work is too stressful?  How to make life more joyful and surprising, add more positive energy to your life, have a sense of humor, and make your life more colorful… This course will combine magic and psychology, learning the essence of the two, i.e. the magic of the mind to open up conversations and bring people closer together, and to strengthen your ability to express yourself. Features of the workshop: Allow staff to use magic in their daily work for fun, to relieve stress and to improve work efficiency Allow staff to use magic to

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Stretching Course

Neck pain, low back pain, back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, knee pain, wrist pain, sciatic pain, cold back… Have you ever experienced one of the above pains after sitting in an office for 8 hours a day? Want to keep your colleagues fit and healthy? Want less sick leave at work? Join the stretching class now! The objective of the course: Recognize common office aches and pains and understand the close relationship between pain and posture To enhance participants’ understanding of correct body posture and explain the causes and prevention of hamstring strain injury and urge correction of poor body

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Pilates is a physical exercise developed by the German Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. Joseph Pilates coined the new word body control for the exercise he developed in English: Control because he believed that the core of the exercise lay in the control of the muscles. Objective of the activity: Increases muscle balance, strengthens the waist and abdominal core, improves posture and has a preventive effect on chronic strain injury. Benefits of the activity: Increase the amount of daily exercise for staff to regulate healthy living Promote personal health awareness among staff  

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Chinese Tea Art

Tea is a highly representative beverage in the Greater China region. The culture of tea varies from China, Taiwan, Japan, and other Asian or European countries, with each having its own characteristics in terms of tea production, enjoyment, and etiquette. Objectives of the event: A comprehensive study of tea types and quality in tea regions around the world, international tea service etiquette and tea customs, the development of the tea market in Hong Kong and China, the characteristics and development of tea culture in Hong Kong, tea performance design, tea sourcing and tasting methods, tea blending and tea serving techniques,

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Chinese Medicine Seminar (Diet and Health / Cold and Flu Prevention / Emotional Health)

Traditional Chinese medicine has subverted contemporary concepts of health and wellness with traditional Chinese values, which are refreshing and beneficial to people. Chinese medicine has accumulated a wealth of experience in health care over thousands of years of history. It originated from Yi Studies and combines the essence of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, highlighting the spirit of the unity of heaven and man, the unity of form and spirit, the balance of yin and yang, and the essence of righteousness; through the combination of movement and stillness, regulating rest and nourishing the mind, and unblocking the meridians and joints to

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Balloon Art Course

The class teaches basic balloon modeling skills, proper knotting, balloon knowledge, and how to combine multiple balloons. A variety of animal shapes such as giraffes and penguins are included, as well as cartoon characters such as three-eyed boys and princesses. Purpose of the event :  Learning the basics of balloon twisting can be a great way to entertain the children and can even be useful on certain occasions. It is also a great family activity for design workers! Benefits: Learning small skills for different occasions Family activities to enhance staff’s sense of belonging Creativity 

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Jazz Funk

Jazz Funk is a type of jazz dance but can be mixed with jazz and street dance. The difference between Jazz Funk and Jazz is that Jazz Funk is a little more lively and sexy than Jazz. The dance steps you see on TV and other media such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and PussyCat Dolls are similar.   Objective : It is a great way for staff to stretch their muscles in addition to their boring work in the office, and Jazz Funk is the easiest of the jazz dances to learn, so it is very suitable for beginners.   Benefits:

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