Mind Magic Social Communication Workshop



Life is too stressful? Work is too stressful? 

How to make life more joyful and surprising, add more positive energy to your life, have a sense of humor, and make your life more colorful… This course will combine magic and psychology, learning the essence of the two, i.e. the magic of the mind to open up conversations and bring people closer together, and to strengthen your ability to express yourself.

Features of the workshop:

  • Allow staff to use magic in their daily work for fun, to relieve stress and to improve work efficiency

  • Allow staff to use magic to bring people closer together and improve communication skills

  • Build self-confidence through performance

  • Training of expression skills through performance

Duration : from 2 hours

Number of participants : 8 – 20

Language : Cantonese / Mandarin / English 

Venue : Any indoor or outdoor space, depending on the number of participants

Content of the workshop:

  • Cardboard Mind Magic
  • Magic game with small props (e.g. Tomorrow Ring, 5 colour sticks, number cards, animal cards, symbol cards, object cards and name cards)
  • Two mind games (3 items and 3 envelopes)
  • Presentation skills (flowing, creating atmosphere, attention and tension)
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