Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Workshop content: The deeper you understand your personality, expectations, emotions, and values in the process of choosing and meeting a partner, the more complete you will be and the more capable you will be of managing an intimate relationship. The MBTI is used by approximately 2.5 million people worldwide each year, making it the most well-known and authoritative personality test in the world today.


Objective of the workshop:

To help understand how the different personality traits that individuals are born with affect our interpersonal interactions, the way we process information, our decision-making patterns and our lifestyles. This workshop will provide insight into your personality type and its practical application to communication styles, leadership decisions and relationships. It will enable you to better prepare and develop yourself in the workplace, in life and in the process of meeting your partner.

Features of the workshop:

  • Understand personal differences, accept and appreciate others with different characteristics and create harmonious relationships.

  • Understand the direction of career development and the appropriate roles to take.

  • Understand your own strengths and weaknesses and take control of your own development.

  • Use EQ with ease to bring joy to work and life; increase the wisdom of intimate relationships.

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