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At a time when the epidemic is raging and most industries have switched to Work From Home, “Teamwork” is a cornerstone of business success.

Companies and employees are using various online tools such as Zoom to communicate and collaborate online. However, the long hours of online work can reduce the spirit of teamwork and affect the communication and collaboration within the company.

To address this dilemma, PNL Training has designed a series of online training activities and online game workshops to enhance the communication and cooperation between employees through online Zoom Team Building.

It also enhances the communication skills and leadership spirit of the staff and inspires them to think outside the box.


Benefits of Online Team Training


Increase Productivity

Working from home can make it difficult for employees to concentrate on their work, which can reduce productivity and affect the operation and sales of the company in the long term. Because of this, PNL offers a series of online team-building workshops to enhance the motivation and efficiency of employees, including online goal-setting workshops, online career planning activities, and online team games. Clear corporate goals and teamwork help employees to regain their motivation, to develop their leadership skills, and to achieve company and personal goals.


Enhance Communication and Cooperation

When people in an organisation build strong and friendly relationships, they communicate and work together more smoothly. It also fosters leadership and enhances leadership skills. At the same time, the company will run more smoothly. Our online workshop features team building games designed to enhance communication. Participants need to constantly communicate with each other online and work together strategically to achieve success.


Encourage Creativity

Without the inspiration of a team, creative thinking is limited by the fact that you are often stuck at home alone. This can be detrimental to companies that value creativity and innovation in their staff, such as design companies, product development, and sales companies. Team Building is an online training program that provides a variety of online games and training activities to enhance the interaction between employees and inspire them to think outside the box, for example, creative sales strategies.


Free from Geographical Restrictions

Breaking the geographic barrier with simultaneous online Team Building training: The epidemic is still very serious and no one knows when it will end. This is why we are offering a series of online Zoom Team Building training workshops, which allow people to interact and share online at the same time, allowing us to present our training content and play online team games such as leadership, teamwork and more.

Corporate staff training activities are as effective online as offline

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Tailor-made Team Building activities with flexible content

Different companies have different online training needs, for example, to improve sales, enhance communication and cooperation, strengthen leadership, team building and more. We offer advice on online training topics and online content activities to meet the needs of companies. For example, LEGO Serious Play is an online game designed to sharpen communication skills. We hope that our flexible online services can provide the most suitable content for each company.


Experienced instructors and professional training

Our trainers have considerable experiences in corporate training. Some of the trainers have led training workshops or team building activities for major corporations such as the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hang Seng Bank and CLP. Some of the instructors are also qualified as social workers and yoga instructors, ensuring their professionalism.


A wide selection of training activities, both online and offline

We deliver a range of virtual training activities to ensure that companies have a wide choice of training workshops. These training activities aim to maintain a high quality training, achieve team building, sales improvement, leadership skills and other training objectives.

Online team training can be very diverse

Virtual Team Building Video Recommendations

Examples of online training projects


Online Laughter Yoga Workshop

The epidemic is now serious, businesses are facing serious challenges and staff are under immense pressure. Laughter Yoga is a new and unique form of aerobic exercise that can be done online. The instructor will demonstrate through Zoom and the participants will have to turn on the Zoom camera so that the instructor can check the poses. This team-building activity not only releases stress-reducing Androgens but also boosts the body's oxygen levels through the sound of laughter and yoga belly breathing. The workshop aims to alleviate muscular or skeletal discomfort caused by work stress and to relieve stress.
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LEGO® Serious Play®

LEGO® Serious Play® online interactive workshop: LEGO® Serious Play® is an innovative team building tool using LEGO components as the main tool to guide participants through problem thinking, communication work, and problem-solving. It is ideal for use in corporate training and team building activities to help build teams and enhance cooperation between employees. Participating teams can understand the characteristics and roles of each member, set team goals, work together to achieve them according to each member's abilities, and explore the potential capabilities and opportunities of the team and its members to achieve team building/team building results. At the same time, LEGO® Serious Play® can be used to stimulate creativity, sales, leadership, and other skills through the application of experiential learning. A minimum of 3 hours is recommended to complete the entire LEGO Serious Play programme. The online workshop will be conducted in a Zoom format and the required LEGO modules will be sent to the company in advance. Then, on the day of the event, the instructor will guide the participants through Zoom to play and reflect.

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Online Creative Painting Workshop

Draw All You Can" is a guided creative drawing activity from the USA. The instructor will design a specific pattern for the workshop theme, making the activity more purposeful. No drawing experience is required and participants only need simple materials, which is perfect for online Zoom.
- Get creative: playfully reorganize and decompose to create unique patterns
- Relaxing and stress-free: no skills are required and participants can relax into the creative game.
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Online Sand Painting Workshop

The art of sand painting is said by some to have originated from the healing customs of the Indians in the American Southwest, and by others from an ancient Chinese art form called cloisonné. Sand painting is a great way to express one's emotions, and the process of creating sand paintings can be done daringly, allowing staff to develop an interest in art and personal creativity. Each staff member only needs a sandbox as a tool to create their own artwork, which is easy to master. The online process is conducted in a Zoom format and the required sandboxes can be delivered to the company in advance.
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