Design thinking

Do you find that your products, services, processes or even proposals often fail to meet the needs/requirements of your target customers or bosses?

Have you received different feedback or even complaints from customers?

Have you ever wanted to make changes to your products, services, processes, etc., but were at a loss as to how to modify or optimise them?

Have you ever tried to make changes several times, but you still can’t satisfy them?

Then you definitely need this new thinking tool – Design Thinking – to solve these problems for you.

DESIGN THINKING is a HUMAN CENTRIC problem-solving tool that seeks to create innovative solutions and possibilities for a wide range of issues by starting with the needs of people. Through 5 core steps, we create and optimise our products, services and processes step by step to meet the needs of our target customers. We create value for our customers and our company. This is why it has been introduced by companies around the world in recent years and applied to their operations.

  • Benefits of training:
  • Identifying innovative ideas for the company
  • Designing products and services to meet the actual needs of our customers
  • Improving operational processes to enhance company efficiency
  • Create value for the company, its customers and employees to achieve the desired, win-win outcome
  • Content of the training:
  • Design Thinking Tools
  • Design Thinking Overview
  • Case Sharing
  • Design Thinking Process and Practice


“We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave.”

Donald A. Norman

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