Adventure Training

trust game

Trust Game In two rows, two people hold a wooden stick together, thus forming an aerial ladder on which participants take turns to walk. Highlights of the training programme:_____________ Team Building Team coordination skills Communication skills Trust building Duration: 1 hour Number of participants: 10-20 Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English Quote Now

Balance Beam

Balance beam Working as a team, the team crossed a balance beam and all crossed it to reach the other end. Key Training: Ability to assist each other Immediate responsiveness Team Cohesion Duration: 1 hour Number of participants: 10-20 Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / English Quote Now


Climbing Climbing up the artificial rocks is a challenge to one’s guts and physical fitness, with several team members pulling safety ropes and expert assistance, making it very safe and exciting. Key Training : Overcoming the fear of heights Challenge yourself Team Trust Duration: 1-2 hours Number of participants: 10-30 Language: Cantonese / Mandarin / …

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Blind Trail

Blind Trail Use a rope as a cue to navigate through different tasks and challenges in the dark. Key Training Items: Sensory Sensitivity Training Breaking the Comfort Zone Self-challenge Duration: 2 hours Number of people: 5 – 50 people Languages: Cantonese / Mandarin / English Quote Now

Bamboo raft

Bamboo raft Using bamboo and large plastic buckets, the team will work together to build a raft and transport the whole team out to sea to complete the mission around the designated target within the designated time. Key Training Items: Teamwork Communication skills Organisational skills Duration: 2-3 hours Number of participants: 10-80 Languages: Cantonese / …

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Raft Building

Using nature’s limited resources, the group will work together to create a raft to carry the crew and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains, waterfalls and jungle in an alternative way.   Key Training Items:  Developing strategies Building team spirit Implementation and problem solving in practice Establishing effective group communication patterns Available team topics: …

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This non-strenuous activity is suitable for anyone looking for an alternative way to get in touch with nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains, waterfalls, and jungle. Experience the thrill of zip-lining at high speed with your body and mind on this zip-lining adventure. Key Training Items: Improving self-confidence Observation Courage Training Team …

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Adventure Challenge Camp

There is a great deal of cooperation and collaboration in the process, and it is important to work together to build team spirit and even resolve old misunderstandings.   Key Training Items: Problem solving skills Team cohesion Building team spirit Understanding the importance of teamwork Creating an atmosphere of harmony and integration Learn to appreciate …

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This activity will enhance participants’ knowledge of ropes and equipment; it will also strengthen the skills of rope descent and allow participants to develop positive and active attitudes, increase their self-confidence, think outside the box and break out of their personal limits through the activity, giving each participant the opportunity to grow as an individual. …

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