Online Interaction & Engaging Training / Presentation Skill

Online Interaction & Engaging Training/ Presentation Skill 高效網上培訓 In the wake of the epidemic, training and learning patterns have completely changed and become the new norm. According to many HR experts, even if the epidemic is completely over, online learning will become a major trend, replacing some of the physical training. So as HR and …

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Skills for New Manager

Skills for New Manager 新晉經理培訓   The development of a company requires more leadership, so the development of people within the company is particularly important. As people develop in their careers, they are faced with new roles and different job descriptions that require more management of people and work. Leadership knowledge and skills need to be …

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Public Speaking

Presentation with Result/Public Speaking 策略性演說/簡報技巧 In work and everyday life, there are different kinds of presentations that need to be made, for example, to deliver a message in a team, to make a suggestion to a boss, to sell to a client, or to give a speech in public. Presentation skills are not only about getting …

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Design thinking

Design thinking 設計思維 Do you find that your products, services, processes or even proposals often fail to meet the needs/requirements of your target customers or bosses? Have you received different feedback or even complaints from customers? Have you ever wanted to make changes to your products, services, processes, etc., but were at a loss as …

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Adventure Challenge Camp

There is a great deal of cooperation and collaboration in the process, and it is important to work together to build team spirit and even resolve old misunderstandings.   Key Training Items: Problem solving skills Team cohesion Building team spirit Understanding the importance of teamwork Creating an atmosphere of harmony and integration Learn to appreciate …

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Elementor #6380

NewSports – Static Competition You don’t have to worry about sweating and panting, but you won’t feel bored either. Various types of static sports: Mölkky / Floor Curling / Pool Soccer

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