3D UV petal ornament


The flowers come in different shapes and configurations, each with its own characteristics, but with different flowering periods. Participants are free to choose their favorite flower materials and match their favorite flower shapes and colors. The crystal glue used is carefully selected for its high quality and light transmission. The chain/accessories are made of stainless steel, which is resistant to allergies and oxidation, to create a variety of ornaments.



  • Understanding the characteristics of each dried flower
  • A wide range of steel chains/accessories to create different ornaments


  • Explaining the steps of making a flower arrangement and how to use crystal glue to shape and assemble the dried flowers
    Teaching the techniques of flower stitching and sharing tips on how to match the flowers and how to avoid air bubbles
    Dry the piece in the tanning machine and attach the stainless steel chain/accessories
    Trying on the piece immediately and feeling satisfied
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