Balloon Volleyball

This sport has a large element of cooperation, which requires cooperation and teamwork. The equipment used in balloon volleyball has been improved to make it easy to catch and pass the ball, and does not require a high level of physical fitness.
The most important aspect of team training is to build relationships and create a harmonious atmosphere, so that there can be more in-depth communication in the workplace and the team can be used to solve problems in the daily workplace.

Key Training Items:

– Understanding the importance of teamwork

– Creating an atmosphere of harmony and cohesion

– Building team spirit

– Learn to appreciate the diversity of different working partners



Stimulation2 stars
Technical Requirements2 stars
Cooperative4.5 stars
Physical requirements1 stars
Strategic4.5 stars

Team topics available.

Division of labour, mindfulness, solidarity, building trust, mutual understanding, communication skills, presentation skills

Duration: from 2 hours

Number of people: 12 – 60

Languages: Cantonese / Putonghua / English


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