Circle Painting

Some of the senior staff in the company have habitual ideas and opinions. Through Circle Painting, a corporate training method introduced from the United States, all the staff’s “circles” are put together to break down some old thinking and break down the wall between the old and new staff. This allows colleagues to get to know each other’s personalities in a relaxed atmosphere and accept other people’s views.


Key Training Items:

  • Creative thinking skills
  • Team cohesion
  • Expressing and accepting ideas
  • Creating an atmosphere of harmony and integration

Possible team topics: getting to know each other, division of labour, creative thinking, trust building, mindfulness, solidarity


Communication2 Stars
Technical Requirements2 Stars
Cooperative4 Stars
Physical requirements1 Star
Creative5 Stars
一張含有 室內, 個人, 坐, 小孩 的圖片


Duration: from 2 hours

Number of people: 10-20

Languages: Cantonese / Mandarin / English

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