Six Bricks & DUPLO® Play Box


Originally from South Africa, Lego Six Bricks and PlayBox emphasize the development of the whole person, using ‘play’ to promote cognitive, creative, physical, emotional, and social development. The Asian LEGO Play Box and Six Bricks master trainers have combined the concept with theories of brain neurology, developmental psychology, and positive psychology to enable the use of colorful, creative LEGO multi-blocks in a wide range of activities and applications in areas such as children’s learning, whole-person education, counseling and consultation, corporate training, employee assistance programs (EAP), social welfare activities, and age-based programs.

A team activity that combines creativity, problem solving and collaboration, while expressing personal style and corporate culture. Through this fun, flexible and malleable tool, participants can create different combinations of shapes, functions, and styles, such as furniture, walls, stages, and even entire spaces, with different color combinations to create unique designs. The six-colored blocks can be easily stacked and reorganized for a flexible and versatile team activity.


Key Training Items: 

  • Creative thinking skills
  • Team cohesion
  • Expression and acceptance of ideas
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills



Communication4 Stars
Technical Requirements1 Star
Cooperative3 Stars
Physical requirements1 Star
Creative4 Stars

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