Drum Circle


The tone is an effective international communication method that knows no boundaries or cultural differences. It is a good choice for corporate training as a way to build teams, enhance harmonious collaboration, build confidence, understand your inner strengths and weaknesses, and challenge yourself.

A drum circle is a circle of people who play rhythm and melody together with various percussion instruments. The word “play” is very apt, as the formation of a drum circle does not require the musicianship of the participants, so whether they are professional musicians or so-called music nerds, they can all share their innate sense of sound in this circle.


Key training programmes:

  • Promoting collegial relationships
  • Creating an atmosphere of harmony and integration
  • Creating the ability to think
  • Enhancing creativity

Possible team topics: getting to know each other, division of labour, creative thinking, trust building, mindset enhancement, solidarity


Communication2 Stars
Technical Requirements2 Stars
Cooperative4 Stars
Physical requirements1 Star
Creative3 Stars

Duration: from 2 hours

Number of people: 10-20

Languages: Cantonese / Mandarin / English

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